Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Staff Report: Guyana in Pictures - By Sally Jefferis

Rewa River sunset

A lazy morning spent paddling down the Buro Buro river wildlife spotting

An early morning wake up call from a Red Howler monley beats any alarm clock!

Fruit bats woken from their sleep

Giant river otter swimming

Giant river otter

Guyana's national flower the Victoria Amazonica has leaves that grow up to 3m in diameter. At dusk the lily's flower slowly opens to reveal a brilliant white bloom.

Humming Bird at Maipaima Eco Lodge

Incredible sunsets over unspoilt rainforest

Kaieteur with Rainbow

Playful Giant River Otter

Singing and dancing with children from the local village

The Central Rainforests area is best viewed from the canopy walkway at Atta Rainforest Lodge.

The sight of 30,000 gallons of water per second tumbling over the 741 foot sheer drop is an awe inspiring sight and sound.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bear Watching in Finland - August 2010 (Customer Comment)

"Thank you all at Wildlife Worldwide for organising such a unforgetable trip to Finland to see Brown Bears. Even after my reservations concerning my final flight were allayed. Martinselkonen was a superb base, food accomodation guides were all first class. The Bears played ball and I have some beautiful images from the trip, attached will one of the cubs. There will be more on our website if you care to have a look at. Once again a very big thank you all, I will continue to reccomend your fine company to all."

Ron & Maggie T. August 2010